Reduced activity during the day can also cause insomnia

Reduced activity during the day can also cause insomnia

Core Tip: Many people have the habit of sleeping badly and often dreaming. Dreaming is a normal physiological phenomenon, but if accompanied by insomnia, it may turn into a disease.

Insomnia and dreams are one of the symptoms of insomnia. Patients with insomnia and dreams often lose attention, are prone to temper, and have no mentality. What are the causes of insomnia and more dreams?

1. Reduced daytime activities:

Some people think that they can't sleep well, they are in poor spirits, they are lying on the bed when they are free. When they are punctual, they don't have any sleepiness. Sleeping is for rest, there is not enough activity during the day, and there is less need for sleep. It is said that the reduction of activities is often one of the causes of insomnia.

2. Excessive worry about your sleep:

Many people think that there are not eight hours of sleep every day, that is, not enough sleep, forcing themselves to lie in bed, but the longer they lie, the worse they sleep; some people think that they can't sleep well at night, they have to make up during the day, or bed at night, but the more sleep The worse the difference is; many people have been insomnia, and they feel very strong about insomnia. When they get dark, they start to worry. Over time, this kind of emotion that they can't sleep can deeply affect his sleep.

3. Environment and bad sleep habits:

Short-term insomnia is caused by environmental changes, stress or physical illnesses, such as exams, business trips, work stress, emotional distress, usually a temporary one, as long as the problem can be solved. Long-term insomnia is gradually formed by short-term insomnia. An important cause of chronic insomnia is poor sleep habits.

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