The code war

The code war

The code war The more expensive and more expensive shopping malls are, the more and more online shopping is going on. This has spawned a new group of "code-coding families": in the mall tried satisfied clothes, write down the tag number, and then online shopping, the price is often cheaper than the physical store by half.

In order to resist the "code copy family", the physical store sales staff think of a lot of methods, but it is still difficult to resist the "code copy family" crazy, shopping malls almost become "fitting room."

E-commerce is not a model of innovation, it is a change in the way of life, it affects people from generation to generation. The Alibaba Group's Ma Yun e-commerce will inevitably have an impact on traditions, but more than two thousand years of history will prove that the vitality of the traditional industry is the strongest, otherwise the business will not exist for more than two thousand years. Wang Jianlin, Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd., only reads and refuses the “copying clan”. The employer of the store uses money to rent clothes for the online store. Where does the store go? Will the e-commerce replace traditional store operations?

Crazy copy code family "online look, just try it on"

The reporter visited the survey and found that the brand counters in Chunxi Road and Yanshikou large shopping malls almost all encountered “copy code families” that did not buy.

"I have already selected on the Internet."

The code copy family bluntly stated that although some shopping malls are not allowed to take photographs in shopping malls, but because there is no clear rule that customers are not allowed to “try not to buy,” customers can only sneak in for cheating or photographing in the fitting room.

Some customers even bluntly said: "I have chosen this shoe from the Internet. I just want to try on it and see how big it is to buy it."

“In the mall, try your favorite shoes and bags, copy the article number or use a mobile phone to photograph the goods number and signage, and then let friends in foreign countries buy back, the price is cheaper than the mall more than half.” Net purchase up to Deng ** recently Became a member of the “code copying family” In recent years, the shopping mall apparel has become more expensive and more expensive, and online shopping has become more convenient and affordable, spawning “copy code family”.

A large number of online shopping crowds began to try out styles at the mall, and then copy the article number back home to buy online, which is much cheaper than buying directly at the counter.

After the counter tried on, they looked for an Australian friend to buy "A pair of watermelon red short boots in the counter, the price of 1900 yuan." Deng ** said, she noted the number on the sign, after returning home to contact the students in Australia Helped with purchasing, bought this pair of boots with a price of 900 yuan, "it took less than half the money." "When you try, you can see the guide shopping enthusiasm introduction, I am also a bit embarrassed." Deng ** said, but the shopping mall shopping price is indeed too high, "After all, everyone wants to save money ah, online shopping can save 3 to 40%."

Deng ** also summed up a set of "copied code" secret: "To go to the store to test the clerk's attitude is generally very good, give you the size you need to try. There are still many people in the physical store to test the shoes, There are only one or two salespersons, so when they are busy looking after other customers, copy the number on the bottom of the shoes and the size that suits them."

No need to copy the number of household appliances only need to write down the model "only try not to buy" is not only confined to the clothing category, and even home appliances, cosmetics, building materials, digital products, etc. have also become a goal of online shopping family trial. After all, clothing has a size problem, compared with home appliances, digital products and other goods is the "Chu clan" favorite, just write down the model can be, do not even need to copy the goods number.

Although many people have benefited from "copying code", there are exceptions. The citizen Wang saw a pair of red hollow flat sandals with a price of 600 yuan at a counter of a shopping mall at Chunxi. After she tried the shoes, she recorded the item number. It was easy to find the same shoes on the Internet and the price was only 200 yuan.

Online merchants claim to “guarantee that their goods are absolutely genuine”, but they are sent to Ms. Wang's hands three days later, but they find that their size is obviously different from that in the shopping malls, and the colors are not as bright as the physical stores. It's really good, this red and black red." Ms. Wang believes that she bought the "knockoff goods."

The first move: Marking people standing next to you makes you uncomfortable "copy code family" to find the benefits, and some brands of sales staff but for this headache. “Almost every day people can see the number of goods.” A certain brand of shopping guide introduced that for the customer who took the paper and pen to copy the goods number or photographed, they could still step forward and discourage them. There is no way.” In order to focus on preventing the “copy code family”, some counters require the salesperson to adopt the “marking man” strategy, and the salesman stands by when the citizen tries to dress, making it difficult to read the commas with stress.

The second measure: cover method sticks the paper to the location of the article number. According to media reports, in a department store in Anshan, Liaoning, a women's clothing counter has even been affixed with sticker paper on the clothing tag's article number location, just to prevent “check marks”.

The third measure: high-tech electronic fitting allows you to copy less than the number of Manchester United Trafford Shopping Centre in the United States placed a fitting "mirror mirror" a 58-inch plasma display, with the help of 3D technology for the customer before the mirror In the mirror, "wearing" on different types of clothing from different stores, customers can only wave their hands for the mirror to put on a beautiful piece of clothing. Carolyn Ekman, the manager of the mall, said: "This is the secret weapon we use to compete against the fiery online shopping."

However, Ms. Tang, a shopping guide on the General Store Road, told reporters yesterday: “High-tech or anything, after all, needs cost. It is not realistic for us here.”

The fourth measure: try-fit fee to try on money to pay before you buy not refundable in Sydney, Australia, a ski shop called InSki more! The store requires customers to pay up to $50 for "fitting fees." The customer determines that the purchase of the product will be refunded. The reporter learned that in some parts of China, there are even cases where shopping is not allowed.

Yesterday, the reporter visited several large shopping malls in Chengdu and found no similar situation. As for the "fitting fee," Ms. Tang did not agree with Ms. Tang. "To stop taking pictures now, I've already worried that I am not polite to the customers. Who will buy the money and try to buy it?"

The fifth measure: The styles and physical stores sold by the online shop were different. The reporters visited several local shopping malls. These "advanced experiences" did not get approval from most shopping guides. Ms. Tang said that the brand she sells has outlet stores on the Internet, but there is no new style. Only the products of the previous season, “a lot of old customers will still buy at the counter.”

Although each has its own merits, many brand stores are still unable to resist the decline in sales. “Our income is related to sales commissions. In the past two years, many industries have increased their wages, and our revenues have actually declined.” A brand's shopping guide told reporters that online shopping has a great impact on physical stores, especially “copying The prosperity of the clan has greatly affected the sales of counters. In the past, the new listings sold well, and even if sales are still lacking, the income of salespeople has fallen.

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