Love Fancy West Fashion Show full of winter luxury wild temptation

Love Fancy West Fashion Show full of winter luxury wild temptation

Ai Fan West began in 2006, is the original Ai Ge Clothing Co., Ltd. Women's brand . LFC love any West close to international trends, good at breaking the traditional design is too balanced, make full use of the grasp of the international fashion trends, into the product development, detail design precision in place, fashion and nature everywhere. The formation of elegant, confident dress style, reflecting the strong flavor of fashion and very modern urban style. Love Fan West women's winter, warm red coat and fur vest, filling the temptation of luxury wild, build blurred winter.


In winter, fur is a woman's wardrobe, and ultimately, the natural color of the fur is often the most wild temptation, just like animal-like wild full, pleated skirt and fur combination, sweet and explosive.

爱凡西时尚女装 尽显冬季奢华狂野诱惑

Red is full of amazing and passion. It is also attracting much attention in the festive atmosphere at the end of the year. The A-type contour design is sweet and elegant. The delicate and small collar is capable and capable. With the black single product, it is even more attractive.

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