Picking jade bracelets under natural light

Picking jade bracelets under natural light

There are many kinds of jade bracelets on the market. At first glance, it is dazzling. It is very difficult for ordinary people to carry jade identification tools with them. So how do you choose a jade bracelet with a simple method? It depends on the sun.
Pick a good weather, use the sun to identify the jade bracelet on your hand, try not to choose a cloudy day to see the jade bracelet in the jade market, because you can see the "natural" of the jade bracelet in the sun, and the fault inside it Can see at a glance. Jade bracelets are valuable items, so be careful when observing them.
The color of the jade market is not very good. The light on the counter will make it difficult to say the color of the jade bracelet. Therefore, it is necessary to use the sun. If the performance in the sun is not very good, you can pass.
Viewing the surface of the jade bracelet on the side of the surface to observe, carefully observe the surface of the surface with no obvious cracks, cotton or impurities, you should carefully check each of its.
In the view, the jade bracelet will be observed in the light, and the jade inside will be observed through the sunlight. If there are cracks, impurities and the like inside, and it is necessary to rotate one week, carefully observe.

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