Auto Beauty: Fabric velvet seats must be "dressed"?

Auto Beauty: Fabric velvet seats must be "dressed"?

For the car, in addition to the largest loss of the tire, the other one should be the seat. As long as you get in the car, the seat will be used, and the frequency of use of the seat is definitely the highest among the interior components. Therefore, when buying a car, the owner also values ​​the material of the car interior. So, is it necessary for the fabric or woven fabric seat to be "dressed"?

In contrast to leather seats, fabric or velvet seats are cheaper, but without the luxury and grade of leather seats. Some car owners choose to modify themselves into leather seats, while others choose to buy a car seat cover for a "dressing and wearing cap" project.

First let's take a look at the car seat made of fabric. The fabric we refer to refers to a fabric woven from synthetic fibers. This material has the characteristics of low manufacturing cost and good gas permeability. However, if it is a stain of liquid such as soda or coffee, it is easy to penetrate into the interior of the seat and cannot be removed. The fabric seat has anti-slip stripes on the backrest and the cushion surface, which can play a good anti-slip effect. For the light-colored fabric seat, the appropriate car seat cover can be selected, so as to effectively avoid the car seat. The color is getting old.

In addition to the fabric material, there is also a car seat made of fabric velvet mixed fabric. In fact, car seats that are spliced ​​together with fabric and flannel are also very common. Because the use of fabric and flannel mixed stitching can make the color matching and style more personalized. However, the flannel is relatively inferior to the fabric material, and it is inevitably irritating in the hot summer days. Because the flannel material is very difficult to clean, and the wear and tear will be much larger than the fabric material. For the smudges of liquids such as soda, coffee, etc., like the car seat made of fabric, it is easy to seep into the interior of the seat and cannot be removed. Not only is it difficult to clean inside, but it also takes a lot of effort to clean up the surface.

This material is difficult to clean, so it is very necessary to carry out the "dressing and wearing cap" project. When the seat cover is removed, the flannel seat will surely leave a variety of clew balls of various sizes, so it is necessary to replace the seat cover without interruption.

In general, because the car seat made of pure fabric is relatively easy to clean, the owner of the light-colored interior should use the car seat cover to provide better protection for the seat; Dark-colored owners should be able to use the original car style without using it. For car seats with full or velvet, it is recommended that the owner use the seat cover and replace and clean it.

In fact, no matter what material is used in the car seat, you should avoid eating in the car. This will minimize the chance of soiling the carriage.

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