Amber's gains do not lose gold and silver

Amber's gains do not lose gold and silver

If you buy a piece of amber two years ago, you can now appreciate by 50% to 100%. The reporter learned from the market that after the jade and Hetian jade, the amber investment collection is getting better and better, and the industry insiders predict that there is great potential to divide the investment market with the former two.

Case: 8,000 yuan bracelet rose to 100,000 yuan in two years

"The blue amber in my hand, some people went out to 100,000 yuan." Recently, the collector of the hobbyist, Mr. He, wore a string of blue singers to participate in a meeting, and the blue scorpion was looked at by others. Purchased at a price of 100,000 yuan, and two years ago, Mr. He bought the price of the Lanpere but only 8,000 yuan.

"In the past year, the price of amber has risen repeatedly, ranging from a dozen yuan to tens of yuan per gram." Wang Deqiang, a manager of a pawnshop, told reporters that a dozen grams of amber pendants, for example, may have been a few years ago. Two or three hundred can start, and now it has risen to seven or eight hundred. If you are lucky, you will encounter a rare variety of living organisms such as small insects in amber, and the price will be even more impressive. In terms of return on investment, you will not lose to gold and silver.

Reason: Production decline + hot money speculation

Why is Amber rising fierce? The reason is related to the increasing scarcity of raw materials for amber production, and the relationship with hot money speculation. Since 2011, in view of the decreasing production of natural amber, especially the rare varieties are difficult to find, the amber market has risen again and again. From this year's point of view, the price of amber raw materials has risen by 50% to 100%, and the very rare green amber and blue lop in amber have increased by 20 to 30 times. Experts conservatively estimate that the average increase in amber in the next few years will not be less than 40%.

Doorway: large volume and large appreciation space

Mr. Liu, who is engaged in amber business, told reporters that if the transparency of amber is divided, transparent amber and opaque amber, and amber between the two. The opaque amber, traditionally used to be called beeswax, is also faster to appreciate. In the past one or two years, Lanpo has been the most popular. The higher the purity and the darker the color, the more expensive the price is, generally about 1,000 to 5,000 yuan per gram.

For the investment channel of amber, the industry said that the collection of amber to win. The bulky amber with a weight of more than 500 grams has a larger value for appreciation. Natural amber contains insects and insects at a price that is quite different, sometimes reaching more than half.

Identification: Amber can float in salt water

"As an art investment, the natural ones are almost certainly not likely to fall." Industry insiders told reporters that although the amber market is bullish, don't blindly invest in it. In addition to professional identification, you should try to pick it. Amber can highlight its investment value. In addition, with the appreciation of amber, counterfeit goods impersonated with plastic and glass have also begun to appear on the market. The method used in the industry to identify the authenticity of amber is usually bubbled with salt water, and amber can be floated in salt water to water ratio of 1 to 4. In addition, it is also an easy way to put amber under the money detector. The amber made of plastic will not change color, and the fluorescent is true amber.

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