Jewelry maintenance knowledge

Jewelry maintenance knowledge

Summer is the season when beauty is beautiful, and you can show your beauty in this season! Jewelry is absolutely essential for beautiful women. In the summer, it is also necessary to maintain their own jewellery. Therefore, beauty must know some jewellery maintenance knowledge so as not to be damaged by sweat or other substances. How should jewellery be maintained? Let's let Xiaobian do some knowledge encyclopedia for everyone!

1, jewelry should not touch cosmetics, especially makeup remover! Perfume, unloading water, nail polish, these chemical substances will quickly smear the gold on the surface of the jewelry. If it is stained, please wipe it with a soft cloth or a tissue. If you accidentally sprinkle something like a lotion on the jewelry, please wash it off with running water and then dry it with a soft cloth. If you come into contact with skin sweat, there will be some corrosion for a long time, so please wear a soft cloth or a tissue paper after sweating.

2, wear, jewelry will wear, is the real gold and silver belt on the body, because bumps will also wear, so please wear carefully.

3, preservation method: If you remove the jewelry, please wipe it and put it in a ziplock bag. If it is directly exposed to the air without wiping, if it is not worn for a long time, the surface of the gold will be oxidized and corroded by contact with dirt such as perspiration and air.

4, wearing colored gold, natural stone and other accessories, should be their own makeup, spray perfume, dressing after the final step, so as to avoid contact between jewelry and chemicals, but also according to clothing to match.

The above four jewellery maintenance methods, I hope to help everyone, more jewelry maintenance knowledge, please click Jewelry Encyclopedia!

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