Spring refreshing suit with handsome modeling

Spring refreshing suit with handsome modeling

This site April 21 hearing, who said the suit monotonous! Know the fashion man, wearing a dress than women can perform even more endless style. Suits can create a variety of styles based on patterns or lengths and accessories, but the most important thing that can change the atmosphere is color and style. Following the demonstration of different colors suits by the influx of people, learn the suit color choice and collocation methods together.

The Slim Sleeve Six Point Sleeve Jacket adds a cool feeling to the six-point sleeves. It takes a white suit and jeans. Together with the tie, it exudes a noble atmosphere.

Navy style small decorative design jacket, self-cultivation and natural version, take a white POLO shirt, take the shorts washed under water, and then to socks, baseball caps, cross-bags and other accessories to create a casual and personalized suit dress.

Collar button color matching suit jacket, a graceful temperament, light plaid pattern color, with light blue shirt and dark nine points trousers, to create personalized style dress.

Basic jacket, two buttons open, sleeves are a small plaid pattern, take a pure white shirt, take a pair of jeans and rivets Shoes , looked neat and gentlemanly style.

Basic linen suit jacket, good breathable linen material, chest pocket square decoration, take a striped shirt, under the black trousers to complete the cool and handsome suit shape. (Cooperative media: shoe-like pictures)

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