In July Cool Kids Fashion trend of children's wear struck

In July Cool Kids Fashion trend of children's wear struck

Since the first quarter, "Where is Daddy?" detonated the trend of domestic children's wear, the audience not only enthusiastically discussed "Angela's big card, a fashionable children's clothing such as Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci," "Kimi is cool, vest, jeans, Sunglasses are the standard "," stone walk American casual style, often wearing GAP baseball clothing, but also contend to imitate for their baby to achieve a big transformation. From this perspective, the second quarter of this year is expected to set off a new wave of fashion children's clothing. With the broadcast of the second season, celebrity babies' fashion children's clothing of the same paragraph will also be sought after by consumers.

Fashion children's wear, creating new growth points in the market

As a parent-child program, the fashion of children's wear caused by "Where is Daddy?" is actually not just a "peripheral effect of programs." It also shows that fashion children's clothing is already the main consumer product of our family.

At present, there are more than 300 million children aged 0-16 at home and continue to grow at an average annual rate of 1,500-200 million. With 80,90 after entering the growing period, and the implementation of the national second-child policy, the future of China's huge population of children will bring rapid development for the children's wear market. According to statistics from China Industry Insight, China’s children’s wear market reached RMB 140 billion in 2013. In 2014, the national children’s wear market’s sales reached 40 billion yuan in the first quarter. It is expected that the annual children’s wear market will exceed 1,700 in 2014. 100 million yuan. The "2012-2015 Children's Wear Industry Report" issued by the National Bureau of Statistics also pointed out that the annual growth rate of the children's clothing industry's output value can reach 25%-30%, which is much higher than adult clothing.

On the other hand, as the main consumer 80,90 after the higher level of education, the concept of consumption, fashion, avant-garde, respected the high quality of life, but also more willing to buy more high-quality, stylish products for children. At the same time, as parents generally form a “4+2+1” family structure with their parents to raise a child after 80 and 90, the disposable amount of their childcare spending has increased significantly. For example, in 2013, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, etc. The per capita disposable income of first-tier urban households has exceeded 40,000 yuan.

Obviously, China's children's wear has become a big cake in the Chinese clothing market. Due to the increasing consumption power and consumer fashion, the fashion children's wear industry is showing a blue ocean business opportunity and is a new economic growth point for all children's clothing companies.

Children's wear enterprises, follow the trend of preemptive strike

In the face of huge market potential, apparel brands at home and abroad have accelerated their deployment in the field of children's wear in China. The scented and sensitive foreign brand Zara Children's Wear has landed in China since 2006. Adult fashion brands such as H&M, Gap, C&A, and Uniqlo have also followed suit and have taken the lead in the Chinese children's wear market. Dior, a luxury brand, also entered Babylon Plaza in Shanghai on April 2, 2010, with its children's wear Baby Dior.

In recent years, domestic domestic brands such as Summa, Jiangnan Puyi, Hung Hom, Taiping Bird, 361, Li Ning, Vanke Eslite, and Mecoxlane have gradually entered the fashion children's wear market, and have achieved good results. For example, according to the 2013 earnings report released by Summa, the company achieved total operating income of 7.294 billion yuan last year. Children's wear has become the carriage that drives the growth of income. The proportion of income has gradually increased from the original 1/4 to 1/3. Retail sales of children's clothing terminals The amount has increased by nearly 20%.

However, with the influx of many brands, the current competition in the fashion children's wear market is becoming more and more fierce. Fashion children's clothing enterprises, how can we continue to break through and innovation, fashion style children's wear style and design, take the initiative, preemptive, so as to occupy business opportunities? The annual International Fashion Week and the well-known fashion children's wear fair are the perfect platform for fashion children's clothing companies to create a lot of creativity and inspiration.

On July 22-24 this year, Cool Kids Fashion (CKF), China's first fashion event for children's wear and accessories, will land at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. During the exhibition, CKF will display 4,000 square meters of exclusive space for many global brands such as farm form (Switzerland), Katie baby (Poland), Smiley (UK), Attipas (Korea), Barefoot (USA), Tutto piccolo (Spain) ), Babygro (France), etc. will be unveiled, and exciting activities such as fashion T-Taiwan show, trend forum, fashion dialogue, and fashion design show will also be better for children's wear enterprises, agents, franchisers, and shopping malls from all over the world. , retail stores and media are all showing trends in fashion children's wear. Among them, "Fashion Design Show" will showcase fashion children's clothing brands created by three famous original designer couples. They are Davidson Tsui Constance Kids founded by Xu Xiaoling and Yin Shijuan, Kalkal founded by Wang Hanqing and Liu Lu, and LittleMee founded by Huang Jingkun and Zhang Xiuying. Millet). In addition, CKF also meticulously planned the “Children's Wear Design Competition”, aiming to create more “design new stars” for the fashion children's wear industry, and then inject fresh blood into the entire children's wear industry in China. According to relevant personnel of the design competition, more than 800 design works were received at the time of the competition, greatly exceeding expectations. At the Cool Kids Fashion on July 22-24, we can simultaneously enjoy the top 20 fashion design shows from the three famous original designers and the Children's Wear Design Competition.

Industry insiders said that China's children's wear industry is in need of such a high-standard and authoritative fashion children's wear exhibition. This not only enables children's wear enterprises to experience the world's top fashion children's wear events, but also helps them to integrate with international fashion as soon as possible, and obtain the latest fashion. Children's wear trends and information so that they can keep up with market trends and seize business opportunities.

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