Tips for wearing an emerald necklace

Tips for wearing an emerald necklace

In China, jade jewelry is mostly worn by women. If it is properly matched with clothing and temperament, jade jewelry will make women look more noble and beautiful. Next, let's talk about the technique of jade wearing jade necklace.

There are a lot of tricks to wear an emerald necklace. First, the thickness of the jade necklace should be proportional to the thickness of the wearer's neck. The length of the short jade necklace is usually around 40cm. If you wear such a necklace, you should wear low-necked clothes. The length of the long jade necklace is about 50cm, so the length of the necklace is basically nothing to the clothes. Long emerald necklaces are usually around 60cm, such jade necklaces are mostly sweater chains, or jade necklaces that can only be worn in social situations.

Emerald necklaces or jade pendants should be coordinated when paired. If you can't choose those that are too grotesque in formal social situations, it is best not to choose more than two necklaces. This kind of jade necklace will be difficult to match clothes. . Emerald jade necklace with a formal dress is a good choice, if you can match a temperament bag, it will show the wearer's elegance.

It is best not to wear the jade necklace for men to wear on the outside of the clothes, nor to wear a jade necklace with a chain that is too thin. Women with longer necks are suitable for short emerald necklaces, and V-necked tops are best for clothing. The long jade necklace is more suitable for a wide neckline, while the long emerald necklace is suitable for a sweater chain or a simple long skirt.

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