Short dress can wear a dress which style of dress can be significantly higher

Short dress can wear a dress which style of dress can be significantly higher

In this era of beautiful legs, both men and women want a pair of slender legs. Women for the United States can even at any price. In fact, want to be beautiful, why you want to have a pair of legs why so much trouble? Clever dressing techniques can be easily done.

Today, recommended for you is a dress. However, in the choice of time, it is best to choose a slightly larger skirt, so you can modify your leg lines, the length can be based on their preferences to choose the most important thing is to match a pair of high heels, so that you can make your The legs have become slender

矮个子可以穿连衣裙吗 哪种款式的裙子可以显高

It should be noted that, when picking clothes to avoid weaknesses, do not allow yourself to appear five to five such embarrassment. Generally high waist design can skillfully avoid raising the waist curve will visually lengthen the leg lines, you want to have such a body model nine body is not difficult.

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Feature: Extremely durable, soft touch and super absorbent   

Material: 100% cotton, 32s/2, 21s/2, 21s, 16s, 14s, 10s          

Size: 30*30cm, 35*75cm, 40*80cm, 70*140cm, any size you want                                                                                                    

Color: any color you want                                                             

Weight: 300-600gsm                                                                   

Logo: 1. Printed logo, 2. Embroidered, 3. Jacquard/Embossed logo                                                                                                

Usage: Home, Hotel, Plane,                                                        

Age Group: Adults                                                                       

Packaging: Opp bag, mesh bag, or custom                             

MOQ: 500PCS for current patterns, 5000PCS for custom patterns                                                                                            

OEM / ODM available

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