What is the effect of blue crystal?

What is the effect of blue crystal?

Blue crystal is the rarest crystal on the market. Many people are used to treating Hailanbao as a blue crystal. In fact, there is still a certain gap between Blue Crystal and Aquamarine.

Blue crystal is a kind of rare crystal in the damp area. The representative symbol of this crystal is the representative of love and friendship. Because the color is very like the sea, love and friendship are all inclusive, so many people Recalling this crystal as a symbol of love and friendship, the effect of this crystal is as broad as his representative symbol. This crystal not only has the effect of amulet, but also has the effect of eliminating sorrow and removing evil spirits. For children, it has a good role in protecting the body.

Blue Crystal corresponds to the throat chakra, increase self-expression and communication skills, to avoid the negative energy of the infringement, has opened up evil defends role. Helps the throat to be healthy and enhances the immunity of the respiratory tract.

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