Winter date with candy colored woolen jacket

Winter date with candy colored woolen jacket

At a better age, stay with your beloved TA for a date. Twenty years old, it is the Mood for Love, wearing a beautiful temperament clothing items, decorated with charm of the youthful age. What to wear an appointment, colorful butterfly women introduce two for you, sweet color will make it more locked his eyes Oh.


A red woolen jacket, high-quality fabric, comfortable and soft. White lamb fur collar and lovely little ball embellishment, not only very pretty by age, but also very stylish and warm. Pleated skirt design. Bow decorated with sleeves, the whole is very sweet and graceful. With black shorts, simple temperament.

冬季约会搭配 糖果色呢子外套搭配

Another kind of elegant lemon color, it will be very like it. Literary color, very skin. Bow decoration, hand-embellished white lace, generous pocket, very lovable. With a white backing lace shirt and black high heels, attractive fashion, simple temperament.

Picture from: Colorful Butterfly Women

3D Velvet Laser Cut Embroidery Fabric

3D Velvet Laser Cut Embroidery Fabric.

Burgundy Velvet Laser Cut Mesh Embroidery Fabric.The products is in soft handfeeling and suitable for children dress.evening party dress .garment dress etc.

Velvet Embroidery Fabric

Most of these designs are designed by ourselves and you will see that it't very popular and pretty.It's always be shipped to American.European and Turkey etc.It's really popular in the market.

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