How to stretch the leg line striped pants with clever

How to stretch the leg line striped pants with clever

Stripes as one of the fashion elements, has been loved by the general population, then as a new magic, it will not be the same as a hole in the pants because a little fat will be exposed, but the use of straight lines to modify the long Leg, yes, that is vertical stripes pants. Leg lines of confidence can try a variety of trousers, and the legs are not perfect girls can choose vertical stripes pants. Take a quick look at the non-woven striped pants!


A solid white T-shirt, accompanied by thin vertical stripes pants, the jacket into the waistband wear law allows you to rate and was thin, giving the natural beauty, solemn and elegant, not only for everyday life but also Can also be competent for any workplace, with a properly matched effect can be comparable to the designer's taste yo.

如何拉长腿部线条 条纹裤子巧搭配

White dress close to the shirt, the crush of the skin set off by the white charming, with black and white vertical stripes foot trousers, crush slim body set against the exquisite. Black small high-heeled shoes with simple and stylish, the overall dress looks fresh and chic.

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