The new look of summer is fantastic

The new look of summer is fantastic

After a lapse of six years, once again "heard", and Peng Yuyan, Chen Yi-han, Chen Yanxi met the initial heart, experience love ~

I heard that the atmosphere of love in this summer is particularly strong;

I heard, love do not listen, needless to say, do not have to explain, you can feel it;

I heard, blooming midsummer, love will come even more wonderful!

Next girl in midsummer look, listen to flowers bloom, that love is beautiful, meet the wonderful summer together.


Light and shallow flowers bloom gently, just like love, quietly growing in the heart, spread into a romantic season full of feelings.

『盛夏新look』繁花轻绽 美妙自来

Warm print kissing on the elegant chiffon, sketched out a beautiful picture of summer romantic atmosphere.

『盛夏新look』繁花轻绽 美妙自来

The best love is nothing more than static and dynamic, as pure white chiffon can always blend of static printing dynamic.

『盛夏新look』繁花轻绽 美妙自来

Delicate lace bloom in the light blue, quiet and beautiful, as summer love.

『盛夏新look』繁花轻绽 美妙自来

Pleasing water pink climbed the skirt also climbed your cheek, you shy gentle smile gentle whole world.

Romantic printing next door girl loaded colorful new sister paper do not forget to shop Oh ~

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