Requirements for yarns for bleached blanks/print blanks/stained blanks

Requirements for yarns for bleached blanks/print blanks/stained blanks

Bleached blank
After the fabric is bleached, the fabric surface is clear and white, so the residual defects on the surface of the fabric are more likely to appear, especially some oils, colored defects (such as bamboo, oil yarn, oil yarn, colored yarn, coal ash yarn, "three Silk and foreign fibers must pay special attention. Chemical fiber blended and pure-spinning products have higher requirements for the above defects because of their higher whiteness.
2. Printing blank
Printed blanks can be broadly divided into two types, dyed bottom printing and white printing. Dyeing at the end of the printing due to the color pattern printed on the surface of the cloth, for the general surface of the greasy cloth , colored yarn, oil yarn, coal yarn, uneven yarn and other yarn defects and some weaving ç–µ can be covered; white Because of the relatively large amount of whiteness on the surface of the printed fabric, the requirements for the above yarns are strict, and sometimes even required to be equivalent to that of the bleached blanks.
3. Staining blank
Staining blanks are divided into two categories: light color blanks and dark color blanks. Due to the light color of light color blanks, for the oil stain on the cloth surface, the requirements for yarns such as colored yarns, oil yarns, coal-gloss yarns, “three-wire” yarns, and foreign fibers are relatively high; deep-color blanks are dyed darker for dyed yarns and oils. Yarn, coal ash yarns, uneven yarns, and other yarns are highly concealable, but require high demands for yarns such as snakeskin, nep, and dead cotton.
There is no absolute difference between yarns and yarns. The right yarns are used to weave the right fabrics so that they can be used to their full potential. They neither result in excess quality but also satisfy the basic requirements of customers for products.

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