OBBLIGATO Women's 2016 Light Spring Fashion Report

OBBLIGATO Women's 2016 Light Spring Fashion Report

Fashion art is very much the same, but fashion trends are very different. The four major fashion weeks in 2016 will be unveiled soon. Regarding trends, fashion trends, artistic interpretations, etc., apart from the four major fashion week’s authoritative releases, each own brand also has its own unique interpretation. In 2016, OBBLIGATO was awarded What kind of fashion surprise will bring you?

Black and white collocation has always been the unconventional choice of fashion in the fashion industry. Through the double contrast between the upper body and the lower body, the interpretation of simple but not simple plastic arts. In the early spring of 2016, it is also the season for the black-and-white style to shine. It is like an elegant piano keyboard with a color scheme. Confidence and casualness, transmission of noble and charming aura, OBBLIGATO's mission is to let you act as the focus of the dance party.

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