Learning Point│Washing Case-Fried Stain Dyeing (Soaking Method)【Apparel Washing Application】

Learning Point│Washing Case-Fried Stain Dyeing (Soaking Method)【Apparel Washing Application】

Dyeing objects: any fabric, clothing styles can be done.

Dye category: Bi pattern material (paint).

Practice: Match the dye to the color requirements (see case for details).

Drain the water with warm water of about 50°C, pour the dyestuff into water and mix evenly, then add the solid color paste and stir it evenly. The dye water can be used after filtering. Before the clothing is immersed, the stains shall be cleaned and dried. The clothing soaking may be divided into raw foam and cooked foam. The raw foam refers to the clothing that is not subjected to desizing and dyeing, and the mature foam refers to the clothing that is treated before dyeing. .

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Foaming effect: Different fabrics will produce cracks and stalks.

Foaming effect: Different fabrics have less or no cracking than turtles.

1. Soaking: Soak the clean clothes into the dye water, stir continuously (when the goods are soaked in the machine, the hand points up and down the rotation), generally soak for 3 to 8 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fabric, the density determines the time Length, such as knitting about 3 minutes, more than 12 amps of denim 5-8 minutes.

2. Dehydration: Soak good clothes into the dehydrator and dehydration. The dehydrator should be dry and there should be no moisture. Otherwise, the clothes will turn white when they come into contact with water droplets. When the dehydrator starts to rotate at a high speed when the dehydrator is turned off, the dehydrator stops and the dewaterer slowly stops. The clothes should contain approximately 70% of the moisture content and cannot be dehydrated too much.

3, chiller frying evenly: The clothes after dehydration with the dryer to open the cold wind way and make the dye fully uniform, about 40 to 60 minutes, the clothes should be able to rotate left and right, the speed can not be too fast, clothing to Completely open.

4, drying, drying stereotypes: to play cold wind clothing to check for spotted, non-dyed and other dyeing defects, if you want to check out, can not do drying stereotypes, otherwise difficult to decolorize into waste, not dried The defective product can be washed with water and then soaked. This problem is caused by the fact that it is a raw foam. The clothes after drying should be dried for more than 10 minutes at a temperature of 140° C. in order to achieve the setting effect. Otherwise, the dry and wet rub fastness of the clothes will be poor.

5, wash floating color, plus soft: dry clothing with 40 °C warm water, a little soda (board machine 100g, large machine 500 g) wash for 5 minutes, over a soft water plus soft OK. If the clothes require hair removal or leavening effect, they can do as required.

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Guangdong Meihui washing factory to do the prototype formula: (the paint is not against the water)

Purple: dark blue 5g, red 35g, warm water 8kg, A308 solid 400cc

Stain color: dark blue 1g, black 16g, warm water 12kg, A308 solids 600cc

Fresh blue: Cuilan 40g, warm water 8kg, A308 solid 400cc

Bright green: green 40g, warm water 8kg, A308 solid 400cc

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