Fall What is popular autumn jacket with what to take

Fall What is popular autumn jacket with what to take

Fashion always unknowingly come, maybe you do not know when the silent began to focus on fashion, may be in your casual, we seize the fashion, Banana Baby women's autumn coat style, what to wear in autumn Looks like the jacket is better? Then take a look with Xiaobian it, how to match the fall jacket.

Banana Baby

Autumn jacket Maybe we will choose knitted cardigan style or casual jacket, now there will be a baseball uniform jacket style. So Xiaobian today to introduce baseball clothing with baseball clothing can be shorts can also be long section, but the girl wearing a long baseball uniform effect is better, take the white T-shirt + light blue umbrella skirt small fresh dress, Absolutely charming.

秋季流行什么外套 秋季外套配什么内搭

Plush knit jacket with, is still changed over buttocks version of the type, beige color more resistant to look, not so bright as the glaze, but not as dark as dark, the same take the same T-shirt, lower body with A knit package hip dress, very feminine wear, with a still loose coat there are two kinds of taste present.

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