Alai Belin brand new layout to meet the 2015 season

Alai Belin brand new layout to meet the 2015 season

Aibelin to greet a big season before the New Year's Day, the exhibition hall to readjust, expand the area, a new layout, to visit every customer more comfortable space, and as a women's discount company which is the only company full of clothes , Hang out, show (including the warehouse). Exhibition Hall, warehouse integration, nearly 2,000 square feet, welcome the vast majority of national customers to join the company inspection.


Alibelle strict compliance with only the brand, absolutely do not touch the principle of a market goods, has become the women's discount industry this year, a "dark horse" strong momentum, did not stop the meaning of, may be excellent products , Perhaps a win-win model, or a group of lovely people, won the trust of hundreds of franchisees and associates in the country.

阿莱贝琳全新布局 盛装迎接2015大旺季

Here, A Bellerin women to join the country promised to customers: strict self-discipline, adhere to the principle of mutual benefit and work together. I believe with your support, we will continue to work hard to create brilliant tomorrow!

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