The third Huibao "looking for the most beautiful semi-Mummy" large-scale public welfare activities come to a successful conclusion

The third Huibao "looking for the most beautiful semi-Mummy" large-scale public welfare activities come to a successful conclusion

July is a day full of memories

July is a passion burning day

July, a day to meet with celebrities

July a unique beauty pageant - Hui Bao 2011 "looking for the most beautiful semi-Mummy" national large-scale public welfare activities: happy pregnancy · love mountain, gorgeous in the mountain city of Chongqing staged.

"Looking for the Most Beautiful Mommy" is a full-time charity event created by the "First Lady of Pregnancy Fashion" which is known as the first maternity dress brand in China. It is based on the theme of "Caring for Pregnant Women and Caring for Life" In the care of pregnant women, love the next generation of prenatal and postnatal care! According to the organizers, the event is held once a year. This is the third and the first two of the event were successfully held in Shenzhen and Chengdu respectively.


The event is divided into preliminary and final two links, the activity lasted two months before and after. July 3 is the final scene, from the mountain more than a hundred beautiful expectant mom come together to attend the unique event belongs to them; together to share the joy of giving birth to life, mutual litigation on the birth of a new life full of expectation of happiness and imminent Become a mother of joy, the most competing conquest, fashion, beautiful expectant Mummy, to give the baby belly the first surprise in life! 第三届惠葆“寻找最美丽准妈咪”大型公益活动圆满落下帷幕

The final scene is like a sea of ​​joy, expectant mothers who changed their shy and reserved past, generous performance of the couple song and dance, solo, Indian belly dance. Organizers also specially invited to the famous movie star "Christy Chung" to the scene cheering cheer cheer, and with the site mothers to share the star parenting, and the Other pregnant mother quite rewarding.

Final spot quasi-fathers are also a bright spot, after the end of the mother's performance session, the prospective father also Qi stage, one by one tied to 5 kg of fake belly, put on a big maternity dress to BB bag diapers, live laughter one slice. The organizer said that the move is expected to allow fathers to personally experience the hardships of expectant mothers in pregnancy is not easy, expectant fathers can give them more care in their wives during pregnancy, shoulder the responsibility of a father. Especially in the father's "wife's declaration" part of the scene is to allow mothers excited tears ~ ~ ~


The most mature beauty is pregnant women. Chongqing, the beautiful mothers who hold full confidence to participate in this event, enjoy their passion and talent to release, fully demonstrated the unique charm of modern pregnant women. I believe this event will bring expectation to Mommy not only the display of beautiful forms and talents, but also a warm, intellectual, independent, positive, optimistic and confident mentality of positive identity change.

According to Hui Bao pregnant women fashion COO Feng Yin said, Hui Bao "looking for the most beautiful semi-Mummy" activities will be extended to major cities across the country, I hope more and more mothers to participate in the activities, but also hope that this Public welfare activities can get higher social influence and crowd awareness. Mum in pregnant women to interact, pregnant moving knowledge sharing at the same time, called on the whole community to care for pregnant women, care for our quality, healthy next generation.

July Mountain City, Hui Bao "looking for the most beautiful semi-Mummy" will be filled with leisurely and stylish atmosphere of the city's most beautiful landscape.

Happy pregnancy, love over the mountain!


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