The 24th China Silk Trade Fair Opening Silk Home Textiles Will Become More Popular

The 24th China Silk Trade Fair Opening Silk Home Textiles Will Become More Popular

The 24th China Silk Fair (China Silk Association), the 94th China Underwear Fashion Fair, and the China Needle & Cotton Trade Fair (Zhongzheng Association) sponsored by the China Textile Commerce Association on March 13, 2012 in Shanghai New International Opening of the Expo Center, Zhejiang Jiaxin Silk Co., Ltd. “Jinsanta”, Silk Road Group Zhejiang Home Textiles Co., Ltd. “Jiaosha”, Dali Silk (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., Tongxiang Tangsi Home Textiles Co., Ltd., Zibo Large Dyeing Workshop The Silk Group "Noble Silk" and the silk factories and brands such as the Tianfang Artificial Silk Square in Xinglong silk factory in Yuhang, Hangzhou, have made appearances, showing the style of silk fabrics and home textiles.

Silk companies have couped their own brand and promoted the image. The exhibition will be a three-in-one meeting. The area of ​​nearly 50,000 square meters of exhibition halls will be distributed in four exhibition halls according to product categories. Various silk companies will adopt various methods to produce core products to attract professional visitors. eyeball.

Zibo Daxiefang Silk Group has a complete industrial chain from silk reel to silk home textile apparel and domestic and foreign trade. It is a leading company in domestic silk taking fabrics and extra-wide silk home textile fabrics. It produces 8 million meters of real silk annually. On the scene of the China Silk Club, the large-scale dyeing workshop took the TV drama “Dye Dyefang” as the entry point, reviving the exhibition hall of Zhoucun's silk history at the scene, which aroused the sympathy and attention of many audiences.

The Silk Road Group has arranged the exhibition hall into a European-style luxury style, which is in line with its 30-50 years old, pays attention to a healthy lifestyle, and chooses the customer orientation of the eco-skin-applied home textile fabrics. On the spot, the women's band plays to exalt the noble atmosphere.

Hangzhou Yuhang Xinglong Silk Factory Artificial Square silk painting has a set. On-site painting artist is asked to paint on the fabric. Sales person in charge said that the factory independently researches and develops environmentally-friendly and fast hand-painted pigments. The coloring fastness of pigments is guaranteed and overcomes ordinary painting and post-processing. Difficulties.

In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, Chinese people have begun to pay more and more attention to the pursuit of quality of life. Home textile products such as silk quilts and bedding have been sought after by consumers because of their natural, health-care, and noble characteristics. Many companies are also working hard. Develop and deepen the domestic consumer market. Luolai, Fuanna and other well-known home textile companies all have silk home textile products. Zibo Dachangfang Silk Group sales personnel introduced that its foundry and its own brand of silk and intertwined bedding were welcomed, especially silk-cotton intertwined goods, “The price is more affordable than pure silk, the consumption will be greater, 100% Silk is relatively expensive, and it is relatively less consuming than others.” The sales manager of Silk Road's Cousins ​​Silk Home Textiles stated that their pure silk bedding is more sought after than interwoven.

There is potential for domestic consumption of silk quilt, bedding and other silk domestic textiles. The export of silk home textile products is the same as that of domestic sales. However, due to the general economic downturn in the world, the export is “not giving power”. Silk textile companies have turned their eyes inward and developed domestically. The consumer market hopes to find new agents and sales channels and promote silk consumption through the China Silk Club.

The “Zhongsihui” professional brand effect needs to be strengthened by the China Silk Association and the Zhongzheng Association. All exhibitors’ brands are exhibited according to the product category. Although it is beneficial for agents and buyers to negotiate on demand, “silk” is not considered as a whole. Exhibitors, the characteristics of fiber is not obvious, more a silk company booth even in the middle of the underwear, socks exhibition hall, there are more than one professional audience issued "Where in the silk? Silk where?"

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