Non-sparkling brand women share fashion to share wealth

Non-sparkling brand women share fashion to share wealth

Hangzhou non-sparkling brand women is located in Hangzhou, known as the paradise of heaven, the strategic location for its development has laid a firm cornerstone.

Non-Shirong Women's Collection brings together six national factions: Shanghai Faction (Hangzhou), Han Faction (Wuhan), Wensui (Wenzhou), Guangdong Faction (Guangzhou) and Beijing Faction (Beijing) , Nearly 10,000 kinds of styles, using stylish, elegant, natural design to fully meet the different requirements of women. Non-Shirong brand women grasp the pulse of today's fashion, the integration of Eastern and Western cultures promote the brand of professional management mode, with experienced management team. Non-sparkling brand women directly to the terminal retail stores, greatly reducing the cost of intermediate consumption. At the same time, we also provide excellent services to our collaborators so as to ensure the orderly operation of our business and win-win results.


非粼品牌女装  分享时尚分享财富

Non-sparkling brand women in Hangzhou look forward to working with people with lofty ideals go hand in hand for a better future!

Corporate culture: integrity, unity and innovation

Business philosophy: integrity management, service-oriented

Brand concept: natural, heart, elegant, stylish

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