C.MIO Carlo Mio fashion men's love to write romantic myths

C.MIO Carlo Mio fashion men's love to write romantic myths

C.MIO Carlo Men's fashion men's clothing, because of love, because of love and attention. Product development to comfort, simplicity, sophistication, introverted as the keynote, the image of the planning, more to make C.MIO highlighting the noble and the trend ... CAROMIO Carlo Men's Italian in Italy is "my dear" meaning, Full of romance, warmth, sweetness. That is a romantic and beloved world, two pairs of deep love partner. They love life, love the beauty of Four Seasons, hope to love to write a romantic myth, walk through the snowy winter, the joy of spring, the quiet summer show, autumn rebirth. Just as pregnant with the fetus in the abdomen, to care for C.MIO belonging to their lives.

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