How to solve the problem of art glass cleaning

How to solve the problem of art glass cleaning

[China Glass Net] Art glass crafts include: carved glass, sprayed glass, embossed glass, etched glass, ice sculpture glass, texture color carving, jade sand blasting technology and various baking varnishes. Including glass partition screen porch wall decoration background corner hanging wooden door sliding door shower room floor tiles all kinds of art glass. Suitable for families, hotels, restaurants, shops, villas, exhibition halls, di bars, dance halls, night clubs, clubs, KTV night decorations and so on. Then, since the art glass partition is simple and generous, it has a single-sided effect, but it can be enjoyed on both sides. Of course, it is more and more popular with home decoration. And the cleaning work of the art glass partitions that followed has appeared. Many people do not understand the cleaning method of the art glass partition, which often causes damage to the art glass and affects the appearance. Now let me introduce the method of art glass partition cleaning:

1. Engraved glass: The engraved glass is made by ice sculpture, sand carving, water cutting, etc. It has the characteristics of unevenness, so dust will deposit. Such glass can be scrubbed with soft cloth and water, but no acidic lotion can be used. In order to avoid damage to the glass.

2. Insulating glass: The insulating glass partition is composed of two layers of glass. The appearance of the glass is different from ordinary tempered glass. Therefore, the ordinary glass cleaning method can be used with confidence, but it should be noted that the hard surface is not touched on the glass surface to avoid the formation. Scratched glass.

3. Coloring glass: Colored glass is generally used with special glass paint. All chlorine-free cleaning agents should not be used, otherwise the color of the glass will be harmed. It should also not be brushed with a high-hardness brush such as a steel ball.

4. Color crystal glass: The crystal glass is attached to the glass surface in the form of AB glue, so it is easy to fall off. Pay attention to the strength when cleaning. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Note that other sol materials should not be used. .

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