Han Lyle: clever underwear shop designed to allow customers to visit every corner

Han Lyle: clever underwear shop designed to allow customers to visit every corner

Want to encourage customers to browse the store in depth, we should talk about some strategies. Department Store always will be special counter set up at the top floor open, underwear joining store should also follow suit, the attractive low-priced goods placed in the end of the shop to attract customers to the shop terminal shopping. By adjusting the product placed in the store's inside, to attract customers in-depth, to improve the use of the store end of the value. Moreover, the customer in the store after the shopping inside, out of the shop on the way, will also take a look at the high-priced segment of the goods, may be out at the moment decided to buy high-priced segment of the goods. When you come to the front of the shop, it's possible to buy mid-priced items.


At this point, it is important to note that initially attractive, low-cost items should be placed at the front of the store to let customers know that the store sells these items. Therefore, customers will also come to the store to buy these products after they are moved to the inside of the store. If, from the very beginning, low-cost items were placed in the innermost of the store, customers would not be aware of the sale of these products because they would not go deep into the store.

Underwear stores can also use the psychological effects of color to overcome the narrow shortcomings of the store. Red, yellow and other colors of the colors will give rise to the "forward psychology" effect, hurried forward. Shops can shop the wall at the end of the color painted in warm colors, in order to produce customers to go forward the psychological. Customers in the stimulation of such colors may have to move forward to the psychological, unwittingly to the shop floor.

If the light inside the shop dim, then the customer will have the feeling of insecurity, so do not enter the inside of the shop. To this end, it is necessary to enhance the illumination of the inner side of the store, so that the brightness of the segment is 2 times higher than the average brightness of other segments, which is also a trick for attracting guests.

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