Analysis of Development and Strategies of Emerald Industry in China

Analysis of Development and Strategies of Emerald Industry in China

The 2012 China Emerald High-end Forum jointly organized by the China Jewellery and Jade & Jewellery Industry Association, the National Jewellery & Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Yunnan Jewellery & Jade & Jewellery Industry Association was held in Kunming on the 9th. Many experts and industry experts gathered in Kunming, Yunnan and even China. The development of the sustainable development of the jadeite industry provides advice and suggestions. The theme of the forum was "Policy escort and conspiracy for the sustainable development of the jadeite industry." It brought together the representatives of the National Secretary of the local Baobao Association, the Yunnan Baoxie Enterprise, and the relevant national industry management agencies, industry research institutions, financial investment institutions, and industries. Authoritative experts in standardizing institutions.

In recent years, China's jade industry has witnessed rapid development and industry prosperity. It has made gratifying achievements, but has also encountered some situations in the rapid development process, especially in the current social consumption environment, how can the jadeite industry continue to develop steadily? The problem needs to be solved. With the help of the China Emerald High-end Forum, an interactive and interactive platform, authoritative experts from all sectors will present their opinions and offer advice and suggestions. According to Wang Manjun, the deputy secretary-general of the National Standardization Technical Committee on Jewellery and Jade Stone, if there is no standard, there will be no rapid development of an industry. It can be said that industry standards are the cornerstone of industry development. The establishment of national standards including the “Jade Grade” will promote the development of the industry as the standards are widely promoted and applied.

The chairman of the Yunnan Jewelry and Stone Jewelry Industry Association and the chairman of Queensland’s Jewelry Group Marochi pointed out in a keynote speech entitled “Actively Preparing the Tsui Seng Exchange and Reopening the “Yue Out of Yunnan””, pointing out that Yunnan Province is a major jewelry province. In the jadeite industry of China, it occupies an important position. In Guangdong, Jieyang, Pingzhou and other places produce emerald jade, and more than 60% of them must return to Yunnan to achieve sales. The jade retail terminal in Yunnan still has its advantages. Marogio said that the establishment of the Tsui Exchange, the state can import tariffs, value-added tax, consumption tax and other current taxation on the import of jewelry import companies to implement preferential policies and reductions, and can issue value-added tax invoices, so that a large number of jewelry companies can The realization of VAT deduction, in line with the qualifications of listing, improve the ability of the company, the company bigger and stronger, and promote the rapid development of the entire jewelry industry. Yunnan Province has reported to the state that it is seeking to set up the 'Jadeite Exchange' in Yunnan and seize the strategic position of the first pass of jadeite wool imports.

As one of the ten key cultural industries supported by Yunnan, the Yunnan jewellery and jade industry has benefited from the government's strong support, effective promotion of industry associations, and full expansion of business enterprises, and the ability to gather resources has been continuously strengthened. Constantly expanding, the industry scale continues to expand, and the entire industry has achieved rapid and orderly development throughout the province. Yunnan has a special geographical position in the trade of jade and jade in China and Myanmar. It has taken the lead in excavating the cultural value and high commercial value of jadeite. It has contributed to the development of jadeite and to the world. Therefore, people in the world call jade jade "Yunnan jade" and " The jade came out of Yunnan" hence its name. The holding of the forum provided guidance for the healthy and sustainable development of the jadeite industry in Yunnan, and further promoted the further regulation of the jadeite market, providing confidence for businesses and consumers.

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