Chongqing's first professional apparel fabric wholesale market opened

Chongqing's first professional apparel fabric wholesale market opened

At Chaotianmen Changbin Road in Yuzhong District, the first professional apparel fabric wholesale market in Chongqing was opened. It is reported that the fabric wholesale market can accommodate more than 400 shops, and now 70% of the shops have started operations. According to industry sources, thousands of textile companies throughout the city will benefit directly from this, significantly reducing purchase costs.

"All have more than 1,000 kinds of fabrics," said Chen Fengqun, chairman of the Dili cloth wholesale market. "The public can visit the wholesale market like visiting the supermarket." According to Chen Fengqun, the wholesale market has a total area of ​​11,000 square meters and can accommodate 406 merchants. However, the Chaotianmen old clothing and cloth wholesale market can only accommodate more than 60 businesses.

Chen Fengqun also revealed that currently the Dili apparel fabric wholesale market has established cooperative relationships with thousands of garment manufacturers and distributors in Chongqing, Zhejiang, Guangzhou and surrounding provinces and cities.

It is understood that Diyi apparel fabrics professional wholesale market is the only one form of professional apparel fabrics wholesale market in Chongqing. According to Deng Yi, the president of Chongpai Clothing Association, the operation of Dili Yiyi Fabric Wholesale Market will inevitably benefit more than 3,000 clothing manufacturers in Chongqing. “Before, some apparel companies had to purchase even a small amount of trial fabrics. Running along the coast,” said Deng Yi, the price of fabrics will be greatly reduced due to competition, which will be of great benefit to improve the competitiveness of Yupai’s clothing in China.

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