To create a standard model for children's shoes and clothing stores - Street shooting ABC children's clothing Lishui flagship store

To create a standard model for children's shoes and clothing stores - Street shooting ABC children's clothing Lishui flagship store

Up to 10m store door, more than 40? Three-dimensional display window, 400? Store space, this is ABC children's clothing is located in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province Jiguang Street, the fourth-generation terminal flagship store - ABC brand Lishui flagship store. In Xiao Bian's view, this store, whether it is from the store image, style design, or product display effect, can be called the standard model store for children's shoes clothing brand stores. Let's enter the ABC brand Lishui flagship store and check it out!

The facade is made of imitation wood-painted steel. The yellow shading is used to highlight the big red ABC logo. It is generous and yet stylish.

The entire store is divided into three floors with a total of five unique design showcases. These windows have attracted the attention of many passers-by and brought more traffic to the stores.

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 After treatment is a technical treatment method that gives the fabric a color effect, a morphological effect (smooth, suede, stiff, etc.) and a functional effect  (watertight, non-ironing, non-sticking, flame resistant, etc.). The process of improving the appearance and feel of the fabric by chemical or physical main methods, improving the wearing performance or imparting special functions is the processing process of textiles.

The after treatment method can be divided into two categories: physical/mechanical finishing and chemical finishing. According to the purpose of finishing and the different effects, it can be divided into basic finishing, appearance finishing and functional finishing.

Our after treatment products are mainly calendered, embossed and pearl paste printed fabrics.


The purpose of finishing:


1. The textile width is uniform, and the size and shape are stable. Such as heat setting.


2. Enhance the appearance of textiles: including increasing the gloss and whiteness of textiles, and enhancing or reducing the surface fluff of textiles. Such as heat setting, crinked/ creped, bubbled, mercerized.


3. Improve the feel of textiles: Chemical or mechanical methods are used to give textiles a comprehensive touch feel such as softness, smoothness, fullness, stiffness, lightness or thickness. Such as soft, stiff, weight gain and so on.


4. Improve the durability of textiles: mainly use chemical methods to prevent damage or erosion of fibers caused by sunlight, atmosphere or microorganisms, and prolong the service life of textiles. Such as anti-mite, anti-mildew finishing.


Give textiles special properties: including some protective properties or other special functions. Such as flame retardant, antibacterial, water repellent, oil repellent, anti-UV and antistatic.

Treatment Series

Microfiber Fabric,Brushed Polyester Fabric,Brushed Knitted Fabric

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