US Upland Cotton Export Sales Statistics

US Upland Cotton Export Sales Statistics

US Upland Cotton Export Sales Statistics According to the statistics:

In the 2012/13 marketing year, the net sales of upland cotton 415,700 standard export packages increased by 38% from the previous week and 25% from the average sales volume in the four weeks. The report shows an increase in the number of buyers of China China (254,600 bales, including 1,100 bales of cotton imported from South Korea and withdrawing 21,000 bales), Turkey (61,500 bales), Vietnam (16,200 bales), Pakistan (14,600 bales), Bangladesh ( 14,200 packages), and Morocco (9,500 packages). For the 2013/14 marketing year, net sales were 4,300 bales, with buyers in Mexico (3,200 bales) and Thailand (1,100 bales).

Exports of 210,900 bales from upland cotton increased by 66% from the previous week and an increase of 76% from the average export volume of the four weeks. The main destinations are China (108,700 bales), Turkey (21,200 bales), Mexico (21,100 bales), and Vietnam (8,300 bales).

In the 2012/13 marketing year, net sales of Pima cotton in the United States were 27,300 bales, a significant increase from the previous week and an increase of 22% over the four-week average sales volume. The report shows that the number of buyers increased in China (19,500 bales), India (6,400 bales), Pakistan (2,100 bales), and Germany (600 bales). The report shows that there is a withdrawal of Thailand (1,500 packages).

Pima cotton exports 5,900 bales, with the main destinations being China (2,200 bales), Bangladesh (1,300 bales), India (1,100 bales), and Pakistan (1,000 bales).

Optional Origin Sales: During the 2012/2013 marketing year, 4,000 packages were sold from the United States’ optional origin for export. The total number of optional origin sales to be arranged has been 267,600 bales, China (242,000 bales), South Korea (19,800 bales), Thailand (4,900 bales), and Vietnam (900 bales).

Export to own account: At present, there is a surplus of 71,000 packages on its own account, all for China.

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